Mench Financial, Inc. is a Cincinnati based investment advisory firm, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.  The company was formed in late 1994 by Thomas S. Mench to manage assets for individual and institutional clients.  With 45 years experience in the investment industry, Mr. Mench has created a firm in which to implement the strategy he developed back in 1977.  His approach to investing, which has been consistently implemented over the years, has been well received by the investment community.  Mr. Mench is the sole owner of Mench Financial, Inc.  The firm is not associated or partnered with any other firms or individuals.



Mench Financial, Inc. provides investment advice to high worth individuals, retirement plans and institutions. Mench Financial, Inc. is recognized for its ability to provide competitive performance to a national clientele by creating portfolios designed to decrease volatility and preserve assets during down markets.The key to our success is an econometric investment process and the use of exchange traded funds to participate in major changes in market trends.  A composite of indicators triggers portfolio purchases and sales in a highly disciplined manner.  We believe 75% of our ability to outperform the market long-term comes from this process of dynamic asset allocation.  During weekly Investment Policy Committee meetings current portfolio market, sector and industry allocations are determined.  These allocations allow us to attempt to decrease the volatility in a portfolio by pinpointing the markets, or sectors of a market, which we believe have the greatest potential for outperforming the general market.  In turn, assets are moved away from sectors which have a high probability of underperforming.  Once we have identified those industries, which are poised to do well in the coming economic environment, we use fundamental and correlation analysis, combined with broad diversification, to shift the risk/reward ratio in our client’s favor.



Capital Preservation & Income, Balanced and Global Sector Enhanced


Minimum Account Size:  $50,000


Total Assets Under Management and Advisement:  $137.4 Million (as of March 30, 2024) 



Thomas S. Mench; Chairman CIO

Rebecca J. Mench; VP Operations

Andrea E. Mench; VP Portfolio Manager

Tonia S. Hahn; Operations & Client Services


We have also posted our 2024 ADV Part 2 A&B & Part 3 as a PDF for you to download and review on our Client Info page.